Yarn Talk: Introducing Harper Bee

Introducing Harper Bee

A non-binary white person with teal hair and glasses is standing in a Toronto alley, wearing a purple denim jacket, a grey sweater, and a teal hat.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Harper Bee (they/them) a queer non-binary knitwear desiger, editor, and writer who is the host of House of Wool’s new Yarn Talk blog. In the first series of blog posts, we’ve planned will provide a wealth of foundational knowledge for your most frequently asked knitting questions, pulling directly from Harper’s vast expertise in both knitting and writing.

Yarn Talk is a blog designed to focus on the specifics of yarn. This upcoming series covers will cover the basics of gauge, detail how different yarns knit up, how they're made, and provide you with all the tools you need to select the most ideal yarn for your next project.

Harper is known as Disyarning Designs, and has published several patterns (often filled with delightful puns!) They are well known within the knitting community for their knowledge of techniques, the socio-political context of craft, and the forces that fuel the fibre industry.

To see more of Harper’s work, follow them on Instagram @disyarning, and check out their patterns here: Disyarning Designs PayHip Store.
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