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Dorset - Natural

Dorset - Natural

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100% Non-Superwash Dorset Horn

Commercially Combed Top

100g (3.5 oz)

Dorset Horn is a British breed-specific wool with a fine all-over crimp. It has nice bulk to it, and is naturally resists felting. Dorset can feel rustic, and is best suited for durable outerwear, housewears, and garments that are not next-to-skin soft.

This is a versatile fibre that can be spun with a woolen or worsted draft. A woolen draft will create warm everyday textiles, a worsted draft will add durability and make an excellent sock yarn.

Microns: 32-34
Fibre Length: 100mm


Our Dorset Horn wool is sourced from British farms and milled in the UK.

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