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Eco Jeans Recycled 12/2 - Cloud

Eco Jeans Recycled 12/2 - Cloud

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Venne has specialized in weaving yarns since the eighties, and are well known for their wide array of quality natural yarns. Their Eco Jeans Recycled yarn is a little different, and is composed of 100% recycled material, primarily sourced from discarded denim.

Eco Jeans Recycled gives new life to textile waste! This yarn 

48% Cotton and 47% Polyester and 5% Other (100% recycled content)

300 meters (328 yards) / 50g (1.7oz) Cone

Size: Nm 12/2, 3000 meters per kg (2979 yards per pound).


Venne works with several spinning mills around the world to produce their weaving yarns. This yarn is created entirely from recycled content, sourced from jeans and used plastic bottles. It gives a new life to discarded textile waste, such as worn jeans, jackets and other denim fabrics.

Cost Comparison

$/100: 14.40
$/oz: 4.24

Recommended Sett

  • 12-16 EPI
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