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Finn - Natural

Finn - Natural

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100% Non-Superwash Finn

Commercially Combed Top

100g (3.5 oz)

Finnsheep are an ancient Scandinavian breed that produce a sleek silky wool. This is a versatile spinning fibre with a gentle crimp, that spins up nicely into a resilient wool with minimal bounce.

Finn is well suited to everyday garments, accessories, or housewears. Yarn spun with Finn tends to shows texture well, making it ideal for knitting textured designs with knit/purl stitches or woven laces.

Microns: 28-30mic
Fibre Length: 80mm 


Our Finn wool is sourced from a mill in the UK that works with a variety of small farmers to source a wide array of breed specific wools.

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$/100g: 18.00
$/oz: 5.10

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