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Grey Shetland | Tussah Silk - Natural

Grey Shetland | Tussah Silk - Natural

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70% Natural Grey Shetland

30% Tussah Silk

Commercially Combed Top

100g (3.5 oz)

Shetland wool is in demand for handmade textiles because of its variety of colours and adaptable quality. The wool is fine, soft and silky to the touch with a good, bulky down characteristic.

Adding Tussah Silk creates extra softness, makes for a more interesting spin, and a beautiful finished yarn.

Microns: 29-31
Fibre Length: 90mm


Our Shetland wool is sourced from British farms and milled in the UK.

Cost Comparison

$/100g: 20.00
$/oz: 5.71

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