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Organic Merino 28/2 - Deep Plum

Organic Merino 28/2 - Deep Plum

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Venne has specialized in weaving yarns since the eighties, and are well known for their wide array of quality natural yarns. Their Organic Merino is no exception!

Organic Merino 28/2 is a supple and soft yarn that fulls beautifully. It is ideal for weaving luxurious scarves, shawls, and other accessories at a fine sett. For even more versatility, create beautiful colour combinations by weaving with two colours held together in the warp or weft.

100% Organic Merino

700 meters (766 yards) / 50g (1.75oz) Tube

Size: Nm 28/2, 14000 meters per kg (6951 yards per pound).

Suitable for both warp and weft.


Venne works with several spinning mills around the world to produce their weaving yarns. The organic merino in this yarn is mulesing free, Responsible Wool Standard certified, and Global Textile Standard certified.

Cost Comparison

$/100: 30.80
$/oz: 8.80

Recommended Sett

  • 24-32 EPI
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