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Emily C Gillies

Polwarth - Pop Punk

Polwarth - Pop Punk

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Hand Dyed Polwarth

100% Non-Superwash Polwarth

Commercially Combed Top

100g (3.5 oz)

Polwarth is a breed specific wool developed in Australia with intentions to create a soft durable wool. Polwarth sheep are approximately three quarters Merino and one quarter Lincoln, blending the soft fine micron count of Merino with the longer staple length found in Lincoln wool.

Polwarth is soft, silky, and has excellent bulk. Expect it to puff up after spinning! It works well spun at a variety of weights and twists, using worsted or woolen drafts. It is especially well suited to worsted-spun DK weight yarns for knitting or weaving, and makes next-to-skin soft everyday accessories and garments.

Microns: 22-23mic
Fibre Length: 80mm 


Our Polwarth is sourced from the Falkland Islands and milled in the UK.

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$/100g: 29
$/oz: 8.28

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