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Wonderland Blend - Natural

Wonderland Blend - Natural

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38% Rambouillet, 25% Polwarth, 25% Tencel, 12% Firestar

Custom Blended Commercially Combed Top

Non-Superwash Natural/Undyed

100g (3.5 oz)

Wonderland is a triple processed combed top custom milled for Emily C Gillies. It is soft and luxurious, with nice bulk and bounce. Tencel is a cellulose fibre that provides a silky sheen, and the Firestar (sparkle nylon) adds just a touch of sparkle.

When dyeing this blend, the Firestar will take the colours slightly differently than the Rambouillet and Polwarth, giving it a gently heathered look. The Tencel with resist acid dyes, remaining white and adding a pastel sheen to your finished yarn. 

Polwarth and Rambouillet are both soft pure white wools with excellent crimp. This blend works equally well with worsted or woolen draft and is specially well suited to worsted-spun yarns for knitting or weaving. It is next-to-skin soft for luxurious scarves, sweaters, or accessories.

Microns: 22-23
Fibre Length: 80-100mm


The Polwarth is sourced from the Falkland Islands, and the Rambouillet is sourced from France. This blend is custom milled for us in the UK.

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$/100g: 30.00
$/oz: 8.50

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